The Planner Perfect Podcast by Jenny Penton

The Key to Get Out of Overwhelm

January 9, 2019

So many women are overwhelmed. A workload of chores, kids, and tasks at hand and then the day-to day. 

What to do when you are overwhelmed, loaded with Mom guilt and don't know what to do? I've got some answers!


My Method of planning is an amazing tool to keeping you from overwhelm and keeping you focused on what really matters. So many women, shelf themselves and take on everything for everybody and yet feel like a failure when they can't get it all done. Women, for the most part, don't know their talents, put themselves on the back burner, eat for comfort and are not confident in themselves.

I have the remedy, at least to start...

Let's talk about overwhelm and it begins with leaving behind the Mom guilt, once and for all.

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